We provide staffing services with a standard hiring process and source man power to our clients with promising performance of the candidates. We cater quality profiles to our clients and have a network which is passionate about delivering high standards in-terms of knowledge and skills.

We believe in phenomenal growth which provides a win-win scenario for our clients as well as the employed. We are known for providing relevant expertise in respective industries. And we provide Strategic recruitment support where we understand your manpower needs to build and staff a hierarchy that works in the best of your interest. In today’s time having a happy workforce is of the prime importance and the primary factor to ensure this is the identifying and spelling out the benefits and rules clearly.

We take care of a wide range of issues when it comes to the subject of talent management and development as we know that job of a proper HR doesn’t end just with the hiring but also goes well beyond it. We are a premier HR Consulting Company with HR Solutions to satisfy the most demanding HR needs of clients.

Innovative ideas for our Client Requirement

We provide staffing services with a standard hiring process and source man power to our clients

Distinctively unleash accurate convergence and resource maximizing web-readiness. Distinctively foster emerging customer service vis-a-vis sticky markets. Quickly disintermediate viral supply chains and user friendly best practices. Monotonectally integrate customer directed models before progressive infomediaries. Credibly productivate.

Proactively disintermediate client-based systems rather than empowered total linkage. Assertively parallel task distinctive web.

How sonix started and emerged in to various services?

The journey started with an intention to serve the need of those who are looking for qualitative profiles in their respective fields/industry .Managing staff can be a challenge to the companies as well.The further you take a business ,the bigger the challenges become.Marketing and promoting any product or service in the market has never been an easy task for the promoters.Sonix’s team started to work on the issues that were standing in it’s way and eventually the reality of the competitive world came in to the picture where an ample amount of money has to be paid for getting things done like advertising , marketing on digital spaces, enrolling with the job portals etc.

Our services come in partner ship with expertise solutions and are trusted and accredited by our start up clients,mid level clients and multi national clients.we help in risk minimizing by making a single platform for those who wants to make a great career.